Production begins for "In Her Car"


We are pleased to announce the launch of the project for the series "In Her Car" with filming starting in Kiev!


"In Her Car" follows Lydia, a Ukrainian psychologist who drives refugees away from the fighting in her car. In each episode, Lydia's passengers share their poignant journeys with her. The 10 episodes of this groundbreaking series are inspired by real events experienced by Ukrainians during the early days and weeks of the Russian invasion.

Behind the challenge of "In Her Car" lies a collaboration between a Ukrainian showrunner, Gaumont, and several European partners. This marks the beginning of a true pan-European endeavor.

In terms of casting, Eugen Tunik (Early Birds) will be featured, and Anastasia Karpenko will portray Lydia.

Stay tuned as more information about the release will be announced soon!

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