Furiki, a spotlight on this super-fast sloth!


At the school of champions, you have to step on the gas and André certainly won't tell you otherwise!

For those who don't know of this new prince behind the wheel, here’s the story: André, a young hyperactive sloth, is the first of his kind to descend from his tree. What’s more, he wants to discover Earth in its entirety. And in such cases, the first thing to do is to get a driver's license. If you're a herbivore and want to go far, you'd better go fast, otherwise, your predators’ claws will be waiting for you at the first turn... André doesn't back down: he's going to join a racing school and pas his driver's test with flying colors. That’s all it’s going to take. Lazy gobbling monsters have been warned.
"Furiki" is a cartoon comedy about how he learns about modern life and becomes an elite driver. And, of course, his friends are right there by his side!

Furiki is the star of children’s TV Released on July 2, 2018 as part of Les Minikeums kid’s show on France 4, Furiki Wheels is composed of 52 11-minute episodes. Gaumont Animation is pleased to produce this new animated series created and directed by Frédéric Martin.


More than simple a children's T.V. show, this program offers a fresh, funny but above all very human touch. Through the excitement of the car, a friendly and colorful world is brought to life in this short program. Although this comedy series is intended for children aged six to eleven, older children also enjoy watching it.



As you know, we give a lot of attention to the soundtracks, so it’s only natural that we invite you to Rock en Seine to meet the composers of the soundtrack of Furiki Wheels! Benjamin Nakache (TWRR, The Death Set and Sheraff) and Mathieu Rosen (Eldia and Chinoi) will talk about their experience in composing the soundtrack of the animated series during the Talks organized by the festival, in turn offering the perfect opportunity to discuss various aspects of the music industry and pop culture. Don’t miss out! This session will take place on August 24 from 6:45 pm to 7:30 pm!


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