We’re heading to Corsica this summer with The Little Gang!


Watch the trailer for Pierre Salvadori’s new film featuring Paul Belhoste, Mathys Clodion-Gines, Aymé Medeville, Colombe Schmidt, Redwan Sellam and Laurent Capelluto, out in theatres on July 20.

“The little gang is made up of Cat, Fouad, Antoine and Sami, four 12-year-old school boys. Out of pride and defiance, they embark upon a crazy plan: blow up the factory that has been polluting their river for years. But disagreements arise often in the newly formed group, and tied votes constantly bring things to a standstill. To decide between them, they decided to bring Aimé into the group, a rejected and lonely kid. As excited as they are panicked by the magnitude of their mission, the five accomplices will learn to live and fight together in this funny and uncertain adventure that will completely challenge them. “

Joyful and energetic, this comedy illustrates a fiery commitment to our planet. This attachment to Earth is not the only source of reflection for this little gang, it also leads us to questions ourselves on life and frien

Over the course of 110 minutes, you’re turning the pages of a book you wish you had written. The emotions are real. The fights are gripping. The filmmaking transports you instantly. The Little Gang  can be watched alone, with a partner and especially with your family!

Keep an eye out, as preview screenings are cropping up all over France!

Voir la fiche film "The Little Gang "

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