Rumba Therapy is out in theaters!


Rumba Therapy is out now!

Franck Dubosc’s new comedy has had its theatrical release!

Franck Dubosc, Louna Espinosa, Jean-Pierre Darroussin and Marie-Philomène Nga will make you dance with Rumba Therapy!


Tony, a fifty-year-old school bus driver, lives alone after leaving his wife and child twenty years earlier. After having a heart attack, he finds the courage to confront his past and enroll incognito in a dance class led by his daughter, whom he has never met, in order to win her back and give his life some meaning.

After a series of previews throughout France, where the audience was charmed, Rumba Therapy is finally arrives in theaters.

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With laughter, a lot of laughter, and love, a lot of love, Rhumba Therapy will tug on your heart strings. More than a comedy, this film will make you feel a whole range of emotions.

To find out more about how this delightful film came about, we suggest you watch or rewatch Tchi Cha on Canal+


Feel free to share your views on this hilarious comedy with #RhumbaTherapy!

Waltz into your local movie theater to forget about heading back to work, find all the screenings here!

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