“Nice, Not Nice”, available to watch from January 2021


“Nice, Not Nice”, a TV series tackling sexist stereotypes, is hitting screens soon! Aimed at kids aged 4 to 6, this program will be released in January 2021 on a number of major television channels!


Jaja the panther, Gégé the beaver, Kiki the sheep and all their friends are children. Ten children like their peers. They’re not particularly cute or ugly, nice or nasty, stupid or super-smart, they’re just kids like any other, with tons of preconceptions. “Girls can’t play football or become pilots!” “Boys can't cry or do classical dance!” The aim of these episodes is to present these sexist stereotypes to very young children and challenge them, so that they can empathize, question their own prejudices and understand that regardless of whether you’re born a girl or boy, big or small, a crocodile or panther, none of it will determine what your life will be like. In a nutshell, “It’s nicer when we show each other respect! .”

This series, featuring 16 90-second animated shorts, is coproduced by Gaumont and 2 Minutes, in association with Chiennes de Garde and the CLEMI. Nice, Not Nice will be shown on TF1, France Télévisions, Piwi+ (CANAL+ Group), Gulli (M6 Group), the Disney Channel & Disney Junior (The Walt Disney Company), Nickelodeon Junior and the Bayam app.


The different episodes were written by screenwriters and directors Franck Salomé, Nicolas Sedel and Fernando Worcel, illustrated by Sandrine Acquistapace, and supervised by the consulting firm EY, the Make.org Foundation and Dominique Poussier, former director of children’s programming at TF1.


“Nice, Not Nice” is part of the series of actions established by the incredible “Stop Violence Against Women” campaign, started in 2017 by the citizen mobilization platform Make.org.

It’s time to go further and tackle sexist stereotypes, starting from a young age!

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