Michel Audiard, it’s been 30 years already 


One of the greatest names in French cinema left us 30 years ago today. A writer, actor, screenwriter and director, Michel Audiard left his mark on the world of cinema with his remarkable career.



Michel Audiard and Gaumont shared a strong connection. In total, nearly 25 films were produced with the company.


Nevertheless, despite a very rich and bold filmography, Michel Audiard only received 2 awards throughout his career, the Prix Courteline in 1974 and the Cesar for Best Original or Adapted Screenplay in 1982.


Some of his greatest successes include The Great Spy Chase, Greed in the Sun, Crooks in Clover, Le Guignolo, She Does Not Drink, Smoke or Flirt But... She Talks, and Comment réussir... Quand on est con et pleurnichard. All of these films left an impression on adults and children alike, he is one of the giants in French cinema that has touched every generation.

Throughout his career, he directed the most talented actors and actresses of his generation. Actors like Jean-Paul Belmondo, Marie Laforet, Michel Galabru, Yves Montand, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Michel Serrault, Bernard Blier, Annie Girardot, Lino Ventura, Jean-Claude Brialy, Louis de Funès and many others come to mind...

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Gifted with a sharp wit, he was able to establish a specific tone in his feature films. Through his films, whether they be funny or hard-hitting, he embodied the philosophy of 1960s cinema.

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