Louis de Funès in 12 cult classics


35 years ago, the great Louis de Funès sadly passed away, depriving us of his talent as a comedian, but, through his incredible filmography, his laughter lives on.

“Cinema? I perform on screen, not in real life!”: it is thanks to this sincerity and humility that Louis de Funès was able to captivate the French in such a way.

Louis de Funès, one of France's most beloved actors, starred in almost 140 feature films throughout his career, including 12 masterpieces that we have honored in this new box set:

Four Bags Full:
During the Occupation, Martin, a brave unemployed man, has to carry four suitcases full of pork to the other end of Paris. His usual sidekick having been arrested, so he calls on a stranger, Grandgil. But Grandgil soon proves to be out of control and the journey becomes perilous. At the end of their journey, Martin discovers that Grandgil is a well-known painter who has allowed himself the luxury of a bit of adventure. They end up being arrested and Martin alone pays the price of the journey.


Taxi, Trailer and Corrida:
A Parisian taxi driver, Maurice Berger, goes on holiday in a caravan with his family. At the Spanish border, a young woman slips a stolen diamond into Maurice's unsuspecting pocket before the search. A series of adventures begins to recover the precious stone, during which the Berger family spends a short time in prison. Having proved their innocence, they finally return to Paris.

Taxi, roulotte et corrida

Neither Seen Nor Recognized:
Blaireau, a very skillful poacher, supplies the whole country with game. One evening, his long-time enemy, the country warden Parju, is beaten up. The latter, wrongly convinced that he is Blaireau's victim, has him arrested. However, thanks to an understanding prison warden and the attention of the beautiful Arabella, his stay in the cell is not too bad. However, once the 'miscarriage of justice' is discovered, Parju is ridiculed and Blaireau returns to the village triumphant.

Paul Martin is a humble employee of a large firm specializing in the organization of leisure activities. Speculating about the future, he is in debt and deadlines are looming. He needs to work his way up to the top office in order to get a pay rise, and to do this, Paul will use radical means, disrupting the company’s hierarchy. A dark and hectic comedy led by the trio De Funès, Serrault and Brialy.


The mysterious Fantômas is terrorizing the whole of France. Superintendent Juve, with the help of journalist Fandor and a beautiful photographer, decides to put an end to the criminal's activities. But Fantômas strikes back. Scorned, ridiculed, kidnapped, the three vigilantes will go through a series of terrifying events where the humor of complex situations will turn suspense into pure comedy.


Fantômas Unleashed:
Commissioner Juve is awarded a medal for having vanquished the evil monster. But at the same time, Fantômas kidnaps Professor Lefèvre during his trip to Rome. Juve sets up his surveillance system and the adventures begin again with their diabolical pursuits, misunderstandings and kidnappings. From a meeting of scholars to the crater of a volcano, Juve, Fandor and Hélène tirelessly pursue a brilliantly ingenious Fantômas.




What’s cooking in Paris:
During a dinner at the "Grand Restaurant", a South American head of state mysteriously disappears. The owner, Monsieur Septime, is soon under suspicion. An organization of fearsome terrorists, hot on the trail of the missing man, takes over the restaurant where a fantastic game of hide-and-seek begins between the police, journalists and Septime's staff. A comedy led by Louis de Funès which takes slapstick to the limit.

Bertrand, a rich promoter, leads a peaceful life. Until the day when his confidant, Christian, blackmails him to double his salary and obtain the hand of his daughter, of whom he is the lover. He also confesses that he has been stealing from him for many years. Things get even more complicated when Christian's mistress turns out not to be Colette, Bertrand's daughter, but Colette turns out to be pregnant by Oscar, the chauffeur.




Fantômas vs Scotland Yard:
At the height of his power, Fantômas imposes a head tax on the wealthy. His taxpayers gather in a Scottish castle to set a trap for him. But Fantômas, part gangster, part lord, changes his appearance so quickly that Commissioner Juve, Fandor and Hélène no longer know who is who. Hanged men depend on each other, the dead are brought back to life, fictitious ghosts disappear, but in this setting, fantasy beats fantasy.



Hubert de Tartas' life is turned upside down by a singular event: his wife's grandfather has just been discovered in the polar ice in a state of natural hibernation for 65 years. The hibernator is defrosted but believes he is still living at the beginning of the century. Everything is being done to keep him under this illusion. But Hubert, at his wits' end, blows the truth and takes the man from the Belle Epoque on a whirlwind ride through the most futuristic aspects of the 20th century.


The One-Man Band:
Monsieur Edouard is a dancer, musician, impresario, stage director and manager of a troupe of dancers that he leads with an iron fist. During a tour in Italy, a baby is secretly placed in his room, turning him into a foster father. But soon the babies multiply and the misunderstandings add up, greatly altering the balance of the one-man band, who is more hysterical than ever.




Delusions of grandeur:
Don Salluste, a tyrannical young master and minister of the King of Spain, is in disgrace. To get even, he sets out to compromise the Queen with his servant Blaze, whom he passes off as his cousin. But poor Blaze is soon encumbered by an unattractive governess who is madly in love with him and very eager. A fast-paced comedy, led by the trio of De Funès, Montand and Sapritch.



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