Long live cinema!


Theaters have empty for many weeks now, so we thought we'd invite you experience the thrill of cinema at Bercy Village! This extraordinary display is available until May 31.


While we wait for the Cinémathèque’s exhibition on Louis de Funès to reopen, there’s an outdoor display looking back at the comedian’s illustrious career until May 31!

As you’ll remember, before the restrictions were imposed, the Cinémathèque Française had an exhibition dedicated to Louis de Funès on display. Here’s a reminder, featuring the the live show organized in November.



Now, on the walls of this small peaceful haven in Paris, you can dive into an all-new retrospective! Here, you can enjoy thirty or so posters of the films featuring the comedian who inspired so much laughter.

“Cinema? I do it on screen, not in real life!”

A skill that he alone had the secret to, with his legendary facial expressions and iconic impersonations...Since  Louis de Funès left, French cinema simply hasn't been the same. Louis De Funès left behind an extensive filmography with some 140 feature-length films.

So, partnering with the Cinémathèque and Gaumont, Bercy Village is offering us the chance to rediscover thirty or so posters of his films. Here, you can rediscover some Louis de Funès’ biggest hits, like The Cabbage Soup, La Grande Vadrouille, The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob, The Wing or the Thigh, etc.

Oh and for all fans out there, don't forget that there’s a set of 12 masterpieces featuring The Crossing of Paris, Fantômas, Hibernatus, The One Man Band, and more


While we wait to see you in theaters again, it’s our great pleasure to bring you this little gem available until May 31. Feel free to share your visits with us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

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