Gaumont is celebrating Léon: The Professional’s 20th anniversary



For one evening, 51 Pathé Gaumont cinemas throughout France will screen one of director Luc Besson’s cult films, Léon: The Professional.

Léon is a fearsome and elusive professional hitman. He lives alone in New York with his plant and his usual routine until the day a twelve-year-old girl, Mathilda, rings his doorbell and barges into his life.

This meeting made its mark on a whole generation, and on November 25, it will be possible to discover and rediscover this timeless classic.

A quick trip back in time to 1994, when France and then the world discovered the Jean Reno/Natalie Portman duo. One was taking on Hollywood cinema after having conquered France, the other was playing her first major role in cinema. To complete this magical cast, Gary Oldman plays a villainous prosecutor who is completely out of his depth.

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To complement the already phenomenal acting, Luc Besson entrusted the film’s soundtrack to Eric Serra, which remains engraved in the hearts of film lovers everywhere.

In total, this film attracted 3.5 million French viewers to the cinema and allowed us to see the talent of these three great actors in a new light.

So come and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the world’s most famous ‘cleaner’. Click here to buy tickets.

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