Farewell Mr. Trintignant


It is with great sorrow that we have learned of the passing of Jean-Louis Tintignant. A great actor has left us and the entire French film industry is in mourning.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends and he will live forever in our memory as a truly talented actor. His mythical voice will resound eternally.

We were lucky enough to work with him on 13 occasions, including the feature films Act of Aggression with Catherine Deneuve, That Night in Varennes where he acted alongside Jean-Lous Barrault and Marcello Mastroianna, The Big Pardon where he shared the screen with Roger Havin and Deep Water with Isabelle Huppert.

His career began in the theater in 1951, a passion passed down from his mother, who was “passionate about tragedies especially the works of Racine” and then, he gradually discovered the 7th art form.

This key figure in cinema and theater leaves behind a 60-year career and some 130 films with millions of viewers.

Farewell Mr. Trintignant and thank you for all you have contributed to French cinema.

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