Endless amounts of Louis de Funès!


Make the most of the Christmas vacation by watching Louis de Funès’ great classics!

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In total, no less than 16 films make up the Louis de Funès collection on GaumontClassique.fr! Among these must-watch movies, you’ll find Carambolages, The Crossing of Paris, Neither Seen Nor Recognized, etc. All his first treasures works waiting to be rediscovered via streaming!

Do you know the plot of Neither Seen Nor Recognized, directed by Yves Robert and released in 1958, which managed to bring in 2,512,042 viewers?
Blaireau, a highly skillful poacher, supplies the whole country with game. One evening, his long-time enemy, the country warden Parju, is beaten up. Parju, wrongly convinced that Blaireau is behind it, has him arrested. Nevertheless, thanks to an understanding prison warden and the kindness of the beautiful Arabella, his time in a cell won’t be too difficult. The “miscarriage of justice” is exposed, Parju is ridiculed and Blaireau returns to his village in triumph.


This film, inspired by the novel The Blaireau Affaire written by Alphonse Allais,  won over the critics, particularly thanks to Louis de Funès’ performance, so it’s definitely worth a watch!

Another essential feature film to check out is Taxi, Trailer and Corrida, one of Louis de Funès’ first films. In this André Hunebelle film, he played opposite Raymond Bussières, Annette Poivre and Paulette Dubost!


Finally, if you had to choose only 3 movies, we recommend The Immature Grain, directed by Claude Autant-Lara and released in 1954. An adaptation of the eponymous novel by Colette, its main characters are played by Pierre-Michel Beck, Nicole Berger, Edwige Feuillère and of course, Louis de Funès, who plays a projectionist.


So get your popcorn ready and have a great time with GaumontClassique.fr.

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