Belmondo makes a roar at the Venice Film Festival


At the 73rd Venice Film Festival, Jean-Paul Belmondo was awarded a Golden Lion in the Sala Grande. This award recognizes the immense career of this talented actor.



Jean-Paul Belmondo's filmography is immense and we had the opportunity to be involved in the release of several of his films. To date, seven of Belmondo's films have been released with the support of Gaumont teams.

To celebrate this award, we wanted to look back at the various feature films that we have been lucky enough to work on with Jean-Paule Belmondo.

The first, Green in the Sun, was showcased in 1964. Alongside Jean-Paul Belmondo, we met actors Lino Ventura and Bernard Blier.

100 000 dollars au soleil

On the edge of the desert, Castigliano runs a trucking company. Hans has to drive an illegal shipment of one hundred thousand dollars to the heart of Africa. When Rocco finds out, he kills the driver, steals his vehicle and leaves with his accomplice. Castigliano promises Marec a large reward if he gets the truck back. A mad chase begins...

Three years later, it was time for The Thief of Paris to be released. Following the award of the Golden Lion, this feature film was shown to the public at the Venice Film Festival.


Two years after The Thief of Paris, Jean-Paul Belmondo stars alongside Bourvil in a film directed by Gérard Oury, The Brain.


Traveling from Paris to Brussels, a special train will transport the secret funds of the NATO nations. On both sides of the Channel, two individuals try to get hold of it. On the French side, Arthur, a resourceful little crook, assisted by his friend Anatole. On the British side, The Brain, a brilliant con man with a team of specialists and considerable resources. But both teams plan their heists on the same day, at the same time...

The 1970s soon arrived and disco was all the rage. But, in 1971, Jean-Paul Belmondo decided to go back in time in The Married Couple of the Year Two alongside the superb Marlène Jobert.


Nicolas Philibert wants to divorce Charlotte and marry a rich heiress in America. He returns to France, but as soon as he lands, he is drawn into the hectic whirlwind of the Revolution. During his picaresque journey, he finally meets his wife, Charlotte. The two spouses, caught up in their old quarrels, end up divorcing following a series of extravagant adventures. A great epic tale, full of love and humor.

Bringing this decade to an end, Jean-Paul Belmondo starred alongside Marie Laforet and Michel Galabru in Georges Lautner's Cop or Hood. In this film, we encounter a Belmondo who is as fearless as he is touching, just like his filmography!


Two kingpins dominate the city of Nice with the support of several policemen. A commissioner and a prostitute are found murdered. To restore order, Stanislas Borowitz from internal affairs is called in. He acts alone, incognito, and with no regard for the rules. A cop with rogue methods. But, the unexpected arrival of his thirteen-year-old daughter upsets his plans.

Still working with Michel Galabru as director and on camera, Belmondo returned in 1980 in Le Guignolo. This Franco-Italian film defined the actor's career thanks to his remarkable performance and acting.

Finally, in 1982, Belmondo set a record with Ace of Aces, which was seen by almost 5.5 million spectators that year. The film was more than well-received by the public.


Jo Cavalier is the coach of the French boxing team at the Berlin Olympics. By trying to protect a Jewish child whose family has disappeared, he sets off on the wildest of adventures through Germany in 1936, resulting in prosecutions, arrests, and a flight to Austria where he falls into Hitler's "eagle's nest".

An actor with a big heart, a voice that is recognized by millions and a profoundly personal style, Jean-Paul Belmondo is one of the best examples of French comedy.

Once again, we would like to congratulate Mr. Jean-Paul Belmondo for this award, his career, and above all his talent!

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