Belle et Sébastien, 50 ans d'amitié


50 years ago, two faithful friends appeared on our screens. France met little Mehdi, who lit up our screens in Belle & Sebastian.



In 1965 the series made its way into our TV guides. Written and directed by Cécile Aubry, this black-and-white adventure in the mountains was made up of 13 26-minute episodes.


Belle, an abandoned dog, escapes from the kennel she was locked up in. A wanted notice is published, and the animal, declared as dangerous, becomes a target for hunters. Sebastian, a child who never knew his parents and was taken in by an old man living in the mountains, sets out to find her.

The credits feature icons like Jean-Michel Audin, Pierre Massimi, Dominique Blondeau and Maurice Poli.

In 2013, Nicolas Vanier revived Belle and Sebastian by bringing it to the big screen. Mehdi was replaced by the young Felix Bossuet in playing Sebastian, who will reprise the role a second time with the cinematic release of Belle & Sebastian, The Adventure Continues on December 9, 2015.

belle et sebastien

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Feel free to discover or rediscover this iconic series from the 60s by getting your hands on the Blu-ray or DVD.

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