The Interpreter of Silence, now available on Disney+

Calling all fans of historical dramas, get ready for a new experience with The Interpreter of Silence, our new six-episode mini-series.

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Adapted from the international bestseller by Annette Hess, this series promises a captivating journey through post-war Germany and is available on Disney+ from November 15.

When a story becomes history

We travel back in time to 1963 to follow the story of Eva Bruhns, a young Polish interpreter, in The Interpreter of Silence. Just as she is about to get engaged, her life takes an unexpected turn when she is hired to interpret at a trial against Nazi dignitaries. Despite the opposition of her family and fiancé, Eva follows her intuition and soon discovers a more intimate connection with the trial than she could have ever imagined.

The Interpreter of Silence transports us into the midst of one of the most crucial criminal trials in the history of post-war Germany. We discover the heartbreaking truths of the Holocaust and the complexities of family ties during this period of upheaval, as seen through the eyes of Eva.

From words to screen with Annette Hess

The author of the bestseller The German House, Annette Hess, also takes the reins as showrunner of this series, bringing a faithful and immersive adaptation of her work to life. The Interpreter of Silence is much more than just a historical series, it's also an emotional journey that explores the depths of history and the human condition. Annette Hess's involvement makes this series an authentic experience, and a journey to the very heart of the book's spirit.

This screen adaptation features Katharina Stark, Uwe Preuss and Hildegard Schroedter.

The Interpreter of Silence is available on Disney+ from November 15.


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