The Biggest Fan, the trailer!


Artus pays Gérard Lanvin’s biggest—and clingiest—fan!

Gérard Lanvin plays... Gérard Lanvin
Gérard Lanvin is being offered a huge part in an American blockbuster about the landing of the Allies in August 1944.  The big-budget shoot takes place in Southern France, where he’s more than happy to go. On site, Gérard meets Momo Zapareto, the pool boy at the house he’ll be living in for the duration of the shoot. But Momo is a fan, a huge fan... too much of a fan! He knows and has seen all his films, and very quickly does everything he can to make himself indispensable to his idol and the film crew. For Gérard, the nightmare has only just begun…

11 years after Jo’s Boy, Philippe Guillard and Gérard Lanvin have teamed up again, flanked by Artus. Starring alongside them are Antoine Bertrand, Antony Hickling, Caroline Bourg, Lou Chauvain, Laura del Sol and Natasha Andrews.

Funny and deeply human, The Biggest Fan is more than just a comedy; it touches your heart. Come and meet the team behind the film at one of the preview screenings throughout France!

Can you ever be TOO big a fan of someone? Have your say on May 18!

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