The Accusation unfolds in new trailer


This Winter, get set for the latest riveting thriller by director Yvan Attal.

A young man is accused of having raped a young woman. Who is this young man and who is this young woman? Is he guilty or is he innocent? Is she a victim, or just thirsty for revenge, as the defendant claims? The two young protagonists and their families and friends will see their lives, convictions and certitudes torn to shreds but... Is there only one truth?

Get an exclusive look at the trailer:

By bringing his partner, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and son, Ben Attal, to the screen, the director explores the family issues in The Accusation through both content and form. Also appearing, alongside these two, are Suzanne Jouannet, Mathieu Kassovitz, Pierre Arditi, Audrey Dana, Benjamin Lavernhe, Judith Chemla, Camille Razat and Laëtitia Eido.

The film has already had a great run, having been screened at the 2021 Venice Film Festival (out of competition) and selected for the 2021 Deauville American Film Festival, marking the start of a great adventure for this thrilling adaptation. The director of Do Not Disturb wanted to bring Karine Tuil's novel Human Things, published in Summer 2019 and the recipient of the Interallié Prize and Goncourt des lycéens Prize, to the screen.

To learn more about the background behind the book, check out this interview with the author:

The powerful writing of Karine Tuil meets the precise direction of Yvan Attal. While unsettling at times, The Accusation addresses a collective need to question society and the era we live in.

See you on December 1 for the official release of The Accusation.

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