L’Art du Crime, the end of year hit


On December 12, the first episode of the sixth season of l’Art du Crime was broadcast on France 2.

We are delighted to see you every Monday for a brand new 90-minute episode! Think you know everything about some works of art? Trust us, you’re not ready for this new season. Get ready to dive into the greatest secrets behind classic works...

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“La Nouvelle Olympia” dedicated to Edouard Manet marked the return of Nicolas Gob, Eléonore Bernheim, Philippe Duclos, Benjamin Egner, Salomé Partouche, Vincent Winterhalter, David Baiot and Clément Aubert.

Emma Wurtz, a young 25-year-old legal secretary is found murdered in a photo studio.
 One of her social media posts, which was deleted two hours after her death, shows her posing next to the painting “Chez Tortoni”, a masterpiece by Edouard Manet that disappeared more than thirty years ago after a robbery at the Gardner Museum in Boston. According to her relatives, not only did the victim have no connection to the art world, but she had no interest in painting or museums. By tracking down the stolen painting, will Antoine and Florence be able to find the murderer? On top of this, the two investigators must struggle with their feelings for one another...

This new episode, which aired on December 12, attracted no less than 4.89 million viewers, or 23.1% of the entire French audience, the number one show at the time!

We are very happy with the reception this episode, directed by Christelle Raynal, received.

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See you on Monday for the next installment of our investigative duo’s adventures, where this time a young woman disguised as a vampire is discovered dead in the catacombs of Paris, lying in a coffin with a stake driven through her heart. A reproduction of the painting “Vampire’ by Munch is found near the corpse...

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