El Presidente, coming soon to Amazon Prime Video


Coming soon, this eight-episode series is destined to thrill football fans! 

Check out the trailer for Amazon Prime Video’s groundbreaking series now:

While this trailer has plenty of secrets of its own, here’s a synopsis of season 1 of El Presidente:

Overnight, Sergio Jadue, the young president of a soccer club in the small town of La Calera, finds himself at the top of the Chilean Sports Federation and reaches the highest ranks of the South American confederation, where corruption is rife and eccentric millionaires mingle with soccer’s head honchos. In 2011, Jadue, as ambitious as he is naive, finds himself embroiled in the extraordinary “Fifagate” affair and risks bringing the fragile house of cards of the world’s most popular sport down with him.

God created football and woe...that much will become clear! El Presidente has a total of eight episodes that will be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. The godfather of football will have no more secrets to share with you after this, no doubt about it! 


The incredible team behind the series, including directors Armando Bo and Natalia and the actors themselves, cut right to the chase in this riveting drama. The cast includes Karla Souza, Andrés Parra and Paulina Gaitán.

El Presidente will be available to watch in 2020, so follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with the release date! 

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