Aline, in theaters now!


Aline is one of the holiday season’s most eagerly anticipated movies! From today, you can see it in theaters throughout France.

In late ‘60s Quebec, Sylvette and Anglomard welcome their 14th child: Aline. In the Dieu family, music reigns supreme and when Aline gets older, it becomes clear she has a very special gift: a golden voice. When music producer Guy-Claude hears her sing, he becomes determined to make Aline the greatest singer in the world. Supported by her family and guided by Guy-Claude's experience and growing love for her, they write the chapters of an extraordinary story together.

In this her fourth feature-length film, Valérie Lemercier proudly celebrates her subject in Aline. Working in front of and behind the camera, the artist takes us on an intimate journey. While the story is an intimate one, a tremendous amount of work was needed to make Aline! From a lavish array of costumes that were created, adapted or recreated, almost 200 looks were needed.

  The accuracy of the subject makes it so vibrant.

Starring Valérie Lemercier, Sylvain Marcel and Danielle Fichaud, Aline is more than just a biopic. Loosely based on the life of Céline Dion, this film is about a love story, the kind that leaves a lifelong impression.

We can't wait to experience Aline’s story with you.

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