Under the spell of The Neon Demon


The Neon Demon made a name for itself at the last Cannes Film Festival and is ready to excel far beyond the festival’s iconic steps. Nicolas Winding Refn's new short masterpiece will be released in cinemas on June 8.

A young girl arrives in Los Angeles. Her dream is to become a model. Her meteoric rise and her purity arouse jealousy and envy. While some girls bow down to her, others are ready to do anything to steal her beauty...


The great Nicolas Winding Refn is the director. He brings a past marked by contrasting but decisively masterful and personal films. From the music to the photography, once again, he wanted a film that had been perfectly executed. Once a feature film, it becomes a work of art.

Just like an advert, all the photography in this film has been carefully thought out. As such, The Neon Demon is undoubtedly a horror film, but is decidedly aesthetically striking. Nicolas Winding Refn's strength lies in his ability to scare people with the beauty of these models. In this game of contrasts, the film provokes the question: they are all beautiful, but how do they become sublime?


With The Neon Demon, Nicolas Winding Refn breaks the codes of traditional cinema by enhancing the imagery and presenting a very contemporary film. This masterpiece on glossy paper is sure to impress!

Elle Fanning captures a sense of innocence with a conviction that is as fierce as it is endearing. With a delicate interplay of wisdom and strength, the 18-year-old actress' performance manages to captivate the viewer. Her portrayal of the character surprises and enchants!


This coming June 8, enjoy your date with Nicolas Winding Refn and Elle Fanning.  Get lost in the world of The Neon Demon and prepare to be entranced by both the film and the cast.


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