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Come see Heart of Oak, being previewed across France!


Once upon a time, there was a 210 years old oak that had become a pillar in its kingdom. This spectacular adventure movie brings together an out-of-the-ordinary cast: squirrels, nut weevils, jays, ants, field mice... All this little vibrant, buzzing, and marvelous universe entrusts the majestic tree, from its roots to its top, with its food, shelter, and protection. A poetic ode to life, where nature alone thrives.

This family-friendly adventure film by Laurent Charbonnier and Michel Seydoux will be officially released on February 23!

In the meantime, theaters are hosting previews of the film this weekend and there’s a dedicated website with exclusive surprises! There are five themed areas to enjoy, teaching kits (for parents or teachers) and even exclusive photographs.

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Find a list of participating theaters and book your seats here:!

Trust your instincts and discover the wonders of Heart of Oak!

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