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What if your most amazing encounter was with yourself? Sometimes, your body just tells you “not now”, and that’s when it’s time to listen! From this point on, you have just one aim: to FEEL. Prepare to set off on a 9-month journey… This is Rosy by Marine Barnerias.

Marine, a young 21-year-old student, learns that she has multiple sclerosis, an incurable autoimmune disease. The shock of the announcement, the urgency of the situation, and the need to make decisions about treatments pushed her to find a solution within herself... She decided to go on a long journey of self-discovery to three countries: New Zealand to rediscover her body, Burma to soothe her spirit, and Mongolia to reconnect with her soul. Through unforgettable experiences, Marine set out to find herself and a new balance with the condition which she calls Rosy.

You’ve seen the poster, now check out the trailer:

Rosy is adapted from Seper Héros, a book by Marine Barnerias published in 2017. For 1 hour and 30 minutes, join director Marine Barnerias on her journey and discover the incredible strength that, until her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis, laid dormant inside her.

Although she refuses treatment, her intention isn’t to deny medicine, but rather to discover herself.
Here are some words from Marine herself, who’s better placed to talk about it …

For eager viewers, the team behind the film is currently touring across France. Find all the screening dates here:

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Many viewers are already raving about the tour:

We look forward to seeing you in theaters on January 5 2022. In the meantime, discover the background behind this incredible project on the film’s website!

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