Petit Piaf, the sunny comedy for this winter!


Check out Le Petit Piaf, directed by Gérard Jugnot!



The young winner of The Voice Kids 2019, Soan Arhimann, is making his acting debut!




10-year-old Nelson dreams of becoming a famous singer and making his single mother proud in the process. After applying to the TV show Star Kids with the help of his friends Mia and Zizou, they decide to find a coach to help them prepare for the competition. Luckily, Pierre Leroy, a singer with a career that’s slowing down, is on tour on the island. There is an awkward chemistry between lonely and disenchanted Pierre and proud and stubborn Nelson. The only thing they have in common is their love of singing. Will it be enough to bring them together? Will it be strong enough for Nelson to reconnect with his mom and for Pierre to recapture the passion he had in his early days?

This feature film directed by Gérard Jugnot brings together Marc Lavoine, Soan Arhimann and Stéfi Celma.


In Le Petit Piaf, Pierre Leroy says “it’s not enough to have the voice, you have to convey emotion” and this film will undoubtedly evoke some emotions within you. We all have wounds, so we might as well use them to help each other move forward, especially when we have such great best buddies!

Young and old alike will be charmed by this comedy, out in theaters on December 21!

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