Our resolutions for 2021!


First of all, the whole team at Gaumont would like to wish you a very happy new year and all the best for 2021!


New year means new resolutions. In the wake of 2020, which we could say was a somewhat complicated year for cinema, we’ve decided to offer some life rules for the next 12 months. So get your notepads out, here are our resolutions for 2021!

– to lose ourselves in the magic of song with Aline! (The best way to do this is in a theater, when they can finally reopen, of course!)

– to add a bit of mystery with Vicky and Her Mystery! (no need to cry wolf…)

– to see the bigger picture with Omar Sy in Lupin! (what better coach?!)

– to say Bye Bye Morons with Albert Dupontel! (Let your hair down!)

– to travel abroad through your TV screen with Narcos: Mexico (but watch your back!)

– to take up sports with El Presidente (don’t bother splashing out on gear, the remote control will do!)

– to never lose hope with Trial 4. (a very moving, must-see documentary series)

– And most important of all…. To keep smiling with OSS 117: From Africa with Love.

Together, 2021 will be so much better!

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