Menteur d'Oliver Baroux la bande annonce !


Check out the trailer for this summer’s latest comedy: Menteur!



What if all your lies became reality? This is what awaits Jérôme in Menteur!

Directed by Olivier Baroux, this hilarious comedy is released in theaters on July 13!
The cast includes Tarek Boudali, Artus, Pauline Clément, Louise Coldefy and Bertrand Usclat.




Loosely based on the film of the same name by Emile Gaudreault, here is the synopsis of Menteur:
Jérôme is a compulsive liar. His family and friends can’t stand his daily lies and will do anything to make him change his attitude. But not listening to these criticisms, Jérôme sinks deeper and deeper into his habit of lying until the day a divine curse hits him: all of his lies become reality! It’s here the nightmare begins.

What is the biggest lie you’ve told?

Voir la fiche film "Natural Born Liar "

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