Hold Me Tight, now in theaters


Who left whom?
Who’s going back to whom?
Hold Me Tight questions and experiments with time: the time occupied by our memories, desires, regrets and fantasies. Mathieu Amalric's latest feature film explores every tense, from the past to the present and even the conditional.


Hold Me Tight is an adaptation of Claudine Galea’s play Je reviens de loin published in 2003. For this film, director Mathieu Amalric entrusted the lead roles to Arieh Worthalter and Vicky Krieps

It seems to tell the story of a woman running away.

How do we visually portray the difference between what we remember and what we project? Above all, Hold Me Tight represents⁠ the coming-together of talented actors and a director utterly entranced by his art. This transpires on the screen and the chemistry of the talents involved makes for a fine, sharp film.

Mathieu Almaric's film has been enjoyed by audiences and critics alike.

Beyond the images on the screen, music plays an important role in this film: it’s no coincidence that the French title (Serre-moi fort) is taken from the lyrics of the song La Nage Indienne by Étienne Daho.

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