Experience the magic of Mamoru Hosoda!


The Boy and the Beast is finally available on DVD and Blu-ray.

As you may recall, The Boy and the Beast travels between reality and fantasy.


Shibuya, the world of humans, and Jutengai, the world of Beasts... This is a story of a lonely boy and a lonely beast, who each live in two separate worlds. One day, the boy gets lost in the world of the beasts and becomes the disciple of the Beast Kumatetsu who gives him the name Kyuta. This chance encounter is the beginning of an adventure that stretches beyond the imagination...

Mamoru Hosoda's animated film was a huge success when it was first released in cinemas. In fact, in the first weekend of its release, Mamoru Hosoda's film took the number one spot at the box office in Japan and made more than 667 million yen and placed second at the Japanese box office in the year 2015. legarconetlabete00005

Not only did the film charm the public, but The Boy and the Beast also won over the critics! It was awarded Animation of the Year at the 39th Japan Academy Film Prize awards show and shared the title of Best Animated Film at the 2015 Newtype Anime Awards.legarconetlabete00004

This short masterpiece of animated cinema is primarily a film about learning; learning to fight but above all learning to live! This initiatory tale successfully plays with the asperities of the two heroes while lending a very endearing touch to both the secondary and main characters, as well as to the drawings themselves.legarconetlabete00003

For fans of Mamoru Hosoda's universe, a 42-minute version of this film is included in the bonus edition and is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the making of this film.legarconetlabete00002

A must-see film that you can enjoy time and time again!

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