Belle & Sébastien, a story for the ages


Fans of the famous duo, Belle and Sébastien, are over the moon, as they are back from October 19!

10-year-old Sébastien reluctantly spends his vacations in the mountains with his grandmother and his aunt. He has to help out on the sheep farm, which isn’t very exciting for a city boy like him... But that all changes when he meets Belle, a huge dog who was mistreated by her owner. Ready to do anything to avoid injustice and protect his new friend, Sébastien is about to experience the craziest summer of his life.

Belle and Sébastien: New Generation gives our everyday life an eternal magic that only this saga can bring. A real breath of fresh air for the fall, this new installment will be a must-see for young and old alike!

Watch the first trailer now:

In this 2022 version, Pierre Coré takes us to the Hautes-Pyrenees where he wants to showcase how much nature can be cherished, and how each one of us is responsible for its preservation. In fact the director does not hide his desire to share an ecological message with his story.

This new film by Pierre Coré features Michèle Laroque, Robinson Mensah-Rouanet, Alice David, Caroline Anglade and Syrus Shahidi. So, make a note in your diaries and see you on October 19 at the movie theater

Voir la fiche film "Belle and Sebastian: Next Generation "

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