See you in Annecy for the MIFA


From June 14 to 17 as part of the Annecy Festival, experience the MIFA, the International Animated Film Market.

Screenings, secrets from set and overall artistic approaches, we’re here to chat to you and analyze animation in 2022!



See you at booth E.24 to share all our latest news!
An opportunity to review the success of our animated productions

– Samurai Rabbit:
If you’ve not watch it yet, here is the pitch:
In a distant future, in a world that mixes modern high-tech images and classic Japanese references, the young Samurai Rabbit, Yuichi, descendant of the great warrior Miyamoto Usagi, begins an epic quest to become a true samurai. But he is not alone! He leads a ragtag team of heroes - including a mischievous bounty hunter, a cunning ninja, an acrobatic pickpocket and a loyal pet lizard - while battling enemies of all kinds as well as monsters from another dimension.

Divided into 10 episodes, Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles is available on Netflix!

– Bionic Max
We’re heading to CanalJ to follow the adventures of Max, a modified but not very bright hamster, and Jean-Claude, a manipulative goldfish who wants to take over the world! Together, they plan on causing chaos in New York’s Central Park, and it’s going to get pretty hairy!


– Do, Re & Mi!
Do, Re & Mi is the story of three best bird buddies named Do, Re and Mi, who live in a world full of rhythm and melodies. Throughout their daily adventures, the characters will get parents and their children talking about music and connecting it to their social and emotional development. Each episode will feature an original song.

Composed of 12 episodes, this animated children’s series is produced by Jackie Tohn, Michael Scharf, Ivan Askwith and Kristen Bell.


Head to Prime Video to follow the adventures of these 3 funny birds.

– Stillwater
Three children will learn to handle life’s challenges thanks to their panda neighbor named Stillwater. This animates series is based on the best-selling book series “Zen Shorts” by John J. Muth.


Find this little dose of happiness on Apple TV+!

Through these 4 projects, these 4 series, these 4 universes, there are artistic similarities, different narrative approaches and as many different approaches to animation.

We are delighted to discuss them with you during the 4-day MIFA event at the Annecy Festival!

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