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In 1903, Léon Gaumont chose a stylized daisy as the logo of his company in a tribute to his mother, Marguerite Dupenloup.
At the flower's center, he placed the phonetics of his initials, "Elgé".

Logo Gaumont





A tribute to
Marguerite Dupenloup,

Léon Gaumont's mother





Vie du Christ






Léon Gaumont
recommended "placing the 

brand as carefully as 
possible so
it wouldn't clash"

Before the appearance of film credits, Léon Gaumont recommended featuring the famous logo
"in at least one scene on each strip,or preferably two."
However, he would ask that the brand be placed "as carefully as possible so it wouldn't clash", for example "on dishes and plates that would be hung up on the wall with others" during indoor scenes.