Gaumont Production Services

has been created for you, all international producers and filmmakers, to welcome you with open arms in our beautiful countries.


We will offer the support needed across all departments, with access to our strongly established network and our own expertise, to turn your vision into reality. The teams will help you find what you need in France and Italy, offering tailor made solutions for your project in order to optimize all resources, making sure were on good tracks for a successful and enjoyable experience.


Gaumont Italy

Our Italian office is located  in the heart of Rome,
serving as a gateway to breathtaking landscapes, ancient archaeological wonders,
and charming towns steeped in millennia of history,
all scattered across the country within easy reach.

From sun-kissed coastlines to picturesque countryside vistas,
from majestic mountains to vibrant urban hubs, Italy offers a diverse array of settings just a short distance apart,
allowing you to effortlessly tailor your surroundings to suit your preferences and optimise your itinerary.

Italy's film industry boasts highly skilled professionals
not only in Rome but also in other major cities across the country.

With a generous 40% tax rebate and consistently sunny weather throughout most of the year,
Italy presents itself as the ideal destination for international productions
seeking to infuse their projects with a touch of the enchanting allure of the "Bel Paese."

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