Our values & HR policy 

Our values & HR policy 

GAUMONT is proud of its heritage but also its capacity to innovate, combining tradition and know-how with contemporary thinking and diversity.

Gaumont in 2022 consists of 245 employees, working together across 5 countries - France, USA, UK, Germany and Italy.

With every creation, there is the work of hundreds of people behind the scenes.  At Gaumont, we strive to provide our employees with an environment conducive to their personal and professional development.  



a little bit of madness,

a lot of creativity,

passionately human


GAUMONT brings people together

  • Gaumont brings together its various operations (film, television and animation) through one shared vision: to create and tell stories. 
  • Gaumont brings together talents for ambitious artistic projects with a wide range of backgrounds, skills and expertise in order to write, tell and perform stories for everyone.
  • Gaumont brings together its employees in all of its endeavors; from creative and operational teams to support functions, all employees participate in the creation and success of our productions, feature films, television series and animated series

GAUMONT is engaged

  • In the training and integration of young people by regularly welcoming interns to learn about the workplace, including university interns who stay with us for up to six months.
  • In the guidance and development of its employees, in particular through individual and group training to practice, improve and develop their skills. 
  • In increasing employee awareness of current issues and topics such as combating gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment, eco-actions, cybersecurity, etc.
  • In favor of gender equality, notably through the implementation of a series of company-wide agreements to promote professional equality.
  • In favor of equal opportunities for all candidates, thus ensuring a broad and diverse range of people.  All applicants are selected according to the same strictly defined criteria.  Recruitment is therefore based solely on skills, aptitudes and professional experience.
  • In an active CSR approach in favor of better mobility, a controlled ecological footprint and sustainable partners, with the involvement of everyone.


To be a part of GAUMONT is to:

  • Join an international, dynamic company, proud of its heritage, its catalog and always striving to innovate,
  • Participate in an exceptional adventure with dedicated and passionate employees, in a work environment where diversity and inclusion are key values, where professional development is encouraged and where the well-being of employees is a priority,
  • Actively contribute to the creation of innovative audiovisual productions,
  • Take part in social company events (monthly film club, sports challenges, invitations to advance screenings, etc.)


Each GAUMONT employee is a key player in the success of our audiovisual productions.


Since its creation, Gaumont has anticipated and accompanied the technological and cultural evolutions of the audiovisual sector while cultivating and highlighting its history and heritage.  

As a producer and distributor of innovative feature films and series, and of works that reflect an ever-changing society, Gaumont has always been committed to promoting its heritage, whether through the organization of exhibitions on the history of cinema, the digitization of films or the launch of the Gaumont Classique platform in 2022.

Gaumont is also committed to promoting a more inclusive and sustainable society in France and in all the countries in which it operates.

This commitment would not be possible without the involvement of its employees and talents (authors, scriptwriters, directors, actors, technicians, etc.) who work together to create original audiovisual works.

Aware of the challenges of sustainable development, Gaumont is committed to a well-structured CSR approach in its operations and management.


Gaumont, the only film company in the world that is as old as cinema itself, has made a major contribution to the creation of cinematographic and audiovisual works and plays an essential role in the preservation of French heritage.

Gaumont strives to maintain a trusting and transparent relationship with its writers or rights holders, with annual reports made to ensure that intellectual property and the chain of rights are respected.  Whether with talents and their representatives, production companies, financial partners or professional organizations (CNC, SACD, ADAMI, etc.), Gaumont strives to cultivate relationships based on trust and transparency in strict compliance with contractual and interprofessional commitments.

Financial transparency

As a listed company, Gaumont attaches the utmost importance to providing qualitative and transparent financial and non-financial information.

Fighting against piracy

Gaumont is committed to reducing audiovisual piracy and works closely with the Association for the Fight against Audiovisual Piracy, chaired by Nicolas Seydoux.

Accessibility of works and public protection

Gaumont is working to consistently provide subtitled or audio-described versions of its works to movie theater operators and broadcasters. 

The latest DVD and Blu-ray releases by Gaumont always include subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired as well as audio description.  Where appropriate, Gaumont promises to inform operators of scenes in its productions that are of a sensitive nature and may therefore be unsuitable for minors.


GAUMONT is committed to reducing its carbon footprint for its film and audiovisual productions by promoting eco-responsible production.  With this in mind, Gaumont is currently working on implementing carbon assessments for all of its productions in order to better target its efforts.


GAUMONT puts people at the heart of its strategy, ensuring that its employees are given priority beyond just the essential issues of safety, working conditions and social dialogue.  Gaumont is therefore committed to implementing an increased diversity and inclusion policy, and has made combating gender-based and sexual violence in the workplace one of the key elements of its professional equality policy.

Gender equality is a major societal issue today. 
This is why Gaumont has been working for many years to reduce the wage gap between men and women.  These efforts have been recognized, as the gender equality index for the companies under Gaumont Social and Business Cooperative  (Gaumont SA, Gaumont Television, Gaumont Animation and Gaumont Video) scored 93 points out of 100, as of March 1, 2023.