A collector’s edition of cult film The Big Blue now available!


On your marks, get set, breathe! The collector’s edition of The Big Blue, a cult film for an entire generation, is now available!


The contents of this box set are as special as the film itself. It contains three vinyl disks, two CDs, a DVD of the film and an exclusive interview with Eric Serra. Accompanying this incredible release will be a series of film-concerts (screenings accompanied by musicians performing live) in all Zénith concert arenas in France, starting in March.

Released in 1988, The Big Blue has delighted audiences for more than 32 years.

It tells the story of two divers, Jacques Mayol and Enzo Molinari. Their adventure begins in the Greek islands in the 1950s. As kids, the two divers would compete for all the deep sea-diving records. Twenty years later, they find themselves competing in the same championship. “The Big Blue” is a portrait of two friends bound to the sea, and the love between Jacques and Johanna on dry land…

During its run in theaters, the film drew no less than 9.2 million viewers who came to follow the unique story of this famous duo, Jacques Mayol and Enzo Molinari.

Beyond the wonderful images captured magnificently by Luc Besson, Éric Serra enhanced each and every shot with a perfectly composed original score.


This odyssey by Luc Besson was a clear hit with viewers and critics alike. The Big Blue won two Césars in 1989 for Best Music for Éric Serra and Best Sound for Pierre Befve, Gérard Lamps and François Groult. The film also won France’s National Film Academy Award in 1989.

Today, The Big Blue remains a landmark of French cinema, destined to be enjoyed by generations to come. So get yourself this incredible box set now and experience The Big Blue in the best way!

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