Gaumont heads to Berlin with its “born with cinema” exhibition


After Paris, Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, Cuba, Mexico and Peru, the exhibition “Gaumont, born with cinema” is now heading to Berlin!


Until January 31 2020 at the Institut Français de Berlin - La Maison de France, the exhibition “Gaumont, born with cinema” will be on display throughout winter in the German capital. This retrospective exhibition dedicated to the seventh art is free to visit at one of Berlin’s most beautiful venues.


Produced in partnership with the French Embassy in Germany, the Institut Français de Berlin, “French Film Week” in Berlin and “Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art E.V. ”, “Gaumont, born with cinema” offers more than 1500 works to discover or rediscover. Here, objects and original costumes from our private collection, as well as film snippets and posters allow all visitors to relive 120 years of cinema history.

The exhibition serves two purposes: we want to discuss the history of cinema and emphasize that it’s a breeding ground for innovation and creation. As such, an “immersive” device is available for viewers to enjoy. At this installation in Berlin, visitors can discover the work of the Digital Workshop: Hackaton. This workshop has given eight professionals the opportunity to “present a fresh interactive take on films from the Gaumont Catalog using a 16 m² black box with three walls being projected on at the same time, in two prototypes that are freely accessible during the exhibition”

An exceptional journey for an extraordinary exhibition. One thing is for sure: “Gaumont, born with cinema” has a very bright future ahead of it. Since 2015, it has embodied the core values of cinema, namely creation, emotion and sharing.

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