Experience European Heritage Days with us!


Make a note in your diary: on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22, the Gaumont Museum will be fully open to visitors! muséegaumont

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve teamed up with the European Heritage Days initiative and that the museum will open its doors to the public!

If you've never entered the museum, home to the seventh art and its riches, you should know that the aim of the Gaumont Collection is to preserve, restore and promote everything related to the work of the world’s oldest film company, from its inception in 1895 to today.
To give you an idea of the size of it, the collection includes: 11,095 posters, 344 devices and accessories, 208,750 photographs, 2985 screenplays, 1160 pieces related to art direction and costumes, and so on. Located in the basement of the head office, the venue is usually only open to professionals, making this opening during the European Heritage Days initiative a notable exception.


The most ardent film buffs should bear in mind that, normally, researchers, publishers and directors are the only ones allowed to venture into our cinematic treasure trove and that there are very few opportunities for the wider public to visit. So this weekend represents an incredible opportunity for all curious film lovers to go on a journey back in time!

Those already clued up know that Gaumont encapsulates more than 120 years of cinema, innovation, stories and film making treasures. For visitors, these two days will provide a unique opportunity to travel through time and explore Gaumont's rich cinematic heritage through our posters, exclusive photographs from the silent era to today, press articles, screenplays and more than 200 photographic and cinematographic devices created by Gaumont!

Please be aware, however, that to experience this exclusive opportunity, you need to register as soon as possible by sending an email to inscriptions.jep@gaumont.com! So make a note of the dates in your diary and come quench your thirst for discovery with us!

See you on Saturday 🙂

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