The Wasp

( Die Wespe )

Année de production 2021 Comédie . 6x25 min

Eddie is a dart professional. And Eddie is in the middle of a crisis. Fame gone, money gone, wife gone and let's better not talk about fitness...
But Eddie would not be Eddie 'The Wasp' if that could get him down. That is why he is getting help from his old buddy Nobbe, who is another rusty dart professional...and an alcoholic.
So now Eddie is perfectly prepared to get back his life and his career. Straight from the couch to the dart arrows so he can prove it to his ex-wife Manu, his wife stealing protégé Kevin and first and foremost to himself:
The Wasp still got it!

Une série de  Hermine HUNTGEBURTH
Avec  Florian LUKAS, Lisa WAGNER, Leonard SCHEICHER, Ulrich NOETHEN

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